Rise is the twenty-third episode of Gleever's fourth season and the eighty-seven episode overall and it premiered on May 2, 2013.

Regionals is finally here, but due to an inconvenient situation, the competition is held at McKinley High. But before New Directions can hit a single note, drama occurs when Brittany comes back from her MIT visit with a different attitude and yet, an opportunity, while Marley covers up the catfisher that Ryder has been searching for, causing Ryder not wanting to perform at Regionals. Due to Brittany's unusual behavior, Sam tries to solve it by bringing Santana back to Ohio, while also trying to convince Blaine to stop his planned proposal between himself and Kurt. In New York, Rachel prepares for the callback for Funny Girl. 

The episode was directed by Bradley Buecker and written by Ian Brennan.



MIT Professors.

Brittany's interview at MIT results in two contrasting revelations: while the staff determines that from her test scores Brittany appears to have little to no academic ability, the numbers she's doodled on the back of her notepad to get them out of her head appear to be of great scientific significance when viewed in various sequences. They have dubbed it "The Brittany Code." Believing that she might be a singular, Einstein-level intellect in some respect, MIT plans a unique proposition for her.

Will runs down the set list, but Brittany insists on changing everything to showcase her, unleashing a ridiculous set of demands based on her new confidence in her "megawatt star power." When her friends are stunned by her behavior - including Sam, whom she dumps via text message - she says she's just embracing Will's "All or Nothing" mentality.

Brittany dramatically quits the Cheerios, burning her uniform in front of Coach Roz and posting a manifesto filled with reasons why she can't be on the squad anymore. Ryder demands that "Katie" reveals herself or he won't participate in Regionals. Finally, Marley admits that it was her, despite her previous insistence that she wasn't responsible, and Ryder's shock is compounded when Jake defends her.


Blaine and Tina go ring shopping.

New Directions helps Will shop for a wedding ring.

When Will and Sue confront Brittany about her demanding behavior, she insists she'll only discuss things on her own terms - on her Internet chat show "Fondue For Two" Among Brittany's revelations, she's determined that singer Michael Bolton is the father of Sue's daughter, Robin. Meanwhile, a concerned Sam asks for help from Santana, the only person he thinks can get through to Brittany and learn what's really happening.

Marley tries to apologize to Ryder and bring him back to the glee club. He demands an explanation as to why she's strung him along all this time, but the answer is even more shocking: Unique reveals herself as the real Katie. After she was drawn in too deep in her anonymous online flirtation with Ryder, Unique revealed her secret to Marley. She says she never felt so close to someone without her exterior getting in the way. She apologizes, hoping they won't lose what they have, but Ryder tells her they don't have anything and that he'll never speak to her again. Meanwhile, back on "Fondue for Two," Santana confronts Brittany about her behaviour and Brittany says that she has to tell her something really important.


As Regionals kick off, The Waffletoots start the competition by singing Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher's Rainbow Connection. Back in the choir room, Ryder has decided to perform with the New Directions, seeing as he is only angry with Unique and doesn't want to punish the rest of the glee club, but tells them that he'll be leaving the New Directions after Regionals. The Hoosierdaddies and their lead singer Frida Romero power through their dynamic set of Zedd's Clarity and Little Mix's Wings, but Sam is pleasantly distracted by the surprise arrival of Brittany.


During their show circle, Brittany reveals that MIT offered her an early admission and wants her to leave immediately, causing her to have a meltdown. Having been told she was stupid her entire life, she feels that when glee club helped her believe she might be smart after all, the whole world started to believe it, too. Paying a tearful tribute to her friends, especially Sam and Santana, she says that they're like family to her and that she's really gonna miss all of them, before heading into her final performance.

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All or Nothing

New Directions launch their performance with Hall of Fame by The Script and, followed by Icona Pop's I Love It, and culminating with Marley's original song Outcast. The judges' scores come in, and once again New Directions take first place at Regionals, while the Hoosierdaddies take second place.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Clarity Zed The Hoosierdaddies
Wings Little Mix
TBA Glee New Directions
All or Nothing

Unrealeased Songs:

My Cup by Glee. Sung by Artie Abrams and Brittany Pierce.

TBA by TBA. Sung by TBA


Clarity - Glee Cast

Clarity - Glee Cast

Wings - Glee Cast HD FULL STUDIO-0

Wings - Glee Cast HD FULL STUDIO-0

All or Nothing - Glee Cast

All or Nothing - Glee Cast



Guest Cast

Guest Stars


  • The letters in the title-card are written in colorful crayon and the Glee logo holds the notation "By Brittany," also written in crayon.
  • This episode had a rating of 6.0 with 7.92 million viewers. Source
  • The Regionals dresses worn by the girls are the same style as the dresses in On My Way.
  • Brittany mentioned her "95 Theses" when she is nailing a paper into Roz's office is a reference to Martin Luther's Ninety Five Theses that he nailed to the Church of Wittenberg's door.

Deleted Scenes

  • A scene that included lines with Frida and some members of The Hoosierdaddies. Source Source 2
  • An extended version/scene of the Wemma ceremony with Blaine popping a bottle of champagne. Source
  • A mini dialogue between Kurt and Santana while they were crying in the auditorium. Source