Now or never
Season Five, Episode Tweenty-two
First Aired TBA May, 14
Episode Guide
Now or never is the tweenty forth episode of Glee's fifth season, the one hundreth nine episode overall. The Season Finale



Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Let it Go


Rachel Berry
Wake Me Up


Getting Married Today TBA TBA
On Our Way TBA Jake Puckerman, Kitty Wilde, Marley Rose, Mason Mc Madison Jane HaywardSpencer Porter and Unique Adams
Pompeii The Bastille Alumni


Glee - Let It Go-103:42

Glee - Let It Go-1

Wake Me Up Glee04:00

Wake Me Up Glee

Getting Married Today - Glee04:04

Getting Married Today - Glee

On Our Way - Glee Cast03:13

On Our Way - Glee Cast

Pompeii Glee03:35

Pompeii Glee

Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars

  • TBA as Robin


  • The episode was 1 hour long without comercials.
  • The episode with most special guest stars invited, and the most characters on scene in Glee history.
  • Second season finale where a wedding takes place.

    • ​howevever this wedding was interrupted.
  • Forth season finale with a Will solo.

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