This was made by an omegler I met at.... well...... Omegle. We were both devoted to Fabrevans and at Omegle, role playing is frequent. I was Sam. He/She was Quinn. Slowly, we made a fandom on them, despite not knowing each other. I am really proud of it. I skipped a few parts, namely because the omegler would curse and make us do weird stuff. Take a look:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like glee.

Stranger: Quinn's here. Who is this?

You: Quinn?! ........ It's Sam......

You: So.....

You: Hows Yale?

Stranger: It's good but I miss you. I miss everybody but especially you.

You: I always missed you

You: But why?

You: Why did you let me on?

Stranger: Nobody talks about comic books or Avatar and... I...

Stranger: Letting you on?

You: With Finn.....

Stranger: That was the most stupid mistake I've ever done.

You: *break into crying*

Stranger: I don't have excuses, Sam!

You: Just remembering it.....

You: Why?!

You: I always loved you

Stranger: Please just don't cry, I was stupid and...

You: What did I do wrong?

You: Was I not enough for you?

Stranger: I know, Sam, please don't cry. Please. You didn't do anything wrong.

You: Then why?

Stranger: You were enough for me. You still are. Please.

You: Tell me then

You: Do you have the promise ring.....

Stranger: I was confused and stupid that's why, nothing is wrong with you. I was wrong.

Stranger: Yes, I do.

You: Then why?

You: Like you always wanted to break the promise

You: and rub it in my face

You: Was Finn better?!

Stranger: Sam. No.

You: Yes!

You: Quinn.....

Stranger: I'm listening.

You: This is exactly why....

You: Why I went with Mercedes

You: She tried her best to help me

You: When Icouldn't be helped

You: I really did it to make me jealous

You: But thanks to her, it's now true love

Stranger: So you are in love with her?

You: I still wish.....

You: But my mind is overcome with you

You: She broke up with me

You: She said she needs no hindrance to be famous

You: You treated everything like I wasn't enough, so I didn't know what to do.....

Stranger: You are not a hindrance! You helped her a lot!

You: You make me feel worse

Stranger: I do? Okay, I'll go then. Maybe it will be better for you?

You: No!

Stranger: What is your problem then, Sam?

You: I haven't seen you since Graduation

You: Don't just break my heart again

Stranger: Yes and I miss you. I am not breaking your heart because

Stranger: I LOVE YOU, Sam.

You: Oh Quinn.....

You: *make out*

Stranger: If you had stopped blaming me for a second I would tell you but...

You: Tell me what?

Stranger: I can't help it I still love you

You: I ALWAYS loved you

You: *lean forward*

You: *pull towards me while slowly making way to lips*

You: "I love you"

Stranger: I do love you too, Sam. *kiss*

You: Oh Quinn

Stranger: But, why did you blame me at first?

You: Why not? I have the complete right!

You: It was your fault!

Stranger: Yes, Sam, I know. Can we leave this behind?

You: Let's replace them....

You: Together

Stranger: *kiss*

You: *sweetly gaze into face, embrace*

You: Don't ever leave me

You: not ever

Stranger: I won't. What have you done since Graduation? Did you miss me?

You: Every minute

You: How are your legs?

Stranger: They are better. I can walk now.

You: I'm so happy for you.....

You: for us

Stranger: Yes, can I still wear your promise ring?

You: You still are, right?

Stranger: I will if you let me.

You: Of course.....

You: Never take it off


Stranger: Okay, Sam, I will never take it off.

You: I will never be leaving you

You: I love you, Quinn

Stranger: I love you too. Like never before.

You: *ten months later*

You: Quinn.....

Stranger: Yes?

You: Wi.....w....

Stranger: Sam?

You: Quinn..... We've been together for a while now. I love you more than anything else

You: Will.... You: Will you marry me?

You: *Hands out expensive ring*

You: *in a box*

Stranger: Sam...

Stranger: I don't know what to say. I'm flattered.

Stranger: Yes, Sam. I will marry you.

You: Oh Quinn...... I will make you the best husband ever....

You: *passionate kiss*

Stranger: Never change and this will be enough *kisses back*

You: I swear it *kiss*

You: The couple soon got married

You: After two months, they found out that Quinn was pregnant like before

You: After 9 months, She was conceived

You: (unless you want it to be a boy)

Stranger: It's okay.

Stranger: Quinn wants a baby girl.

You: She named her.....

You: (what do we name her?)

Stranger: Lucy?

You: Ew. Wasn't that her name?!

You: (LOL) XD

Stranger: Umm, Aria?

You: Umm..... let's search for girl names....

Stranger: Whatever, Sammy wants, it's okay for Quinnie. You know it, don't you, Sam?

You: IDK

You: (Sorry I'm not good at names)

You: (Ashley?)

You: (Whatever XD)

You: Ashley, they called her

You: They were so happy, all the glee club members threw a party

You: By then, It was one of the happiest days of their lives. at the end, all was forgiven. They lived like a fairytale.

You: That was so fun!!!!!!!

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I didn't edit it except for the part when the omegler cursed and said sexual stuff. The leaning part was slightly referenced to Hunger Games between Katniss and Gale.

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