Well, I did a tribute idea with Paramore a long time ago and decided I should make one for Lady Gaga.

The Characters will be based on S4 only (confirmed)

Introduction: Will is at a teaching convention but Emma is filling in for him. Santana and Kurt are still in NYC, but Rachel is back after Finals. The whole Glee Club is excited for Emma filling in only to have her suggest Disney songs. Sugar quickly shoots her hand up and suggests Lady Gaga. After questioning if it's appropriate, she starts singing A Whole New World, only to be stopped by Sugar after the first note. Sugar reassures that no inappropriate dancing will happen and Emma reluctantly agrees. She does assign a challenge for the New Directions. The New Directions' challenge for the week: sing a Lady Gaga song for a school performance. Artie and Brittany are assigned the leads and agree but Artie questions if he's able to do it. Brittany reassures him by calling him a unicorn.

Monster sung by Lady Gaga. Sung by Emma Pillsbury and Santana Lopez. Emma is at the glee club substituting for Will while he's at a Teacher's Convention. Emma lets the kids pick the theme and Sugar immediately asks for Lady Gaga. After careful thinking she starts singing Monster. The kids clap as the scene changes to Santana Lopez at New York after seeing a beautiful girl at a gay nightclub. She continues Monster as Emma continues it as well. The kids surround Emma and dance with her, each boy slow dancing with her. Santana sings the song and finishes by introducing herself.

Paparazzi sung by Lady Gaga. Sung by Kurt Hummel. Kurt is head over heels with a boy in the office. He sings the song in his mind and has a full blown fantasy. He is seen in an empty office with his crush on the other side of the office. He is running around the office hitting desks and computers while the boy runs off. Kurt finally corners the boy and the boy kisses Kurt. Kurt is awaken from the fantasy by Isabelle who has to push him off his chair to wake up.

Marry The Night sung by Lady Gaga. Sung by Tina Cohen-Chang. After recieving news of Mike breaking up with her she is seen crying on her bed. She raises her head as Marry The Night starts playing. She sings the beginning as she wipes her tears away. She stands up from her bed and runs to the mirror. She grabs red hair dye and gets to work. She is seen dying her hair that looks like her Season 1 hair. She is later seen singing the rest of Marry The Night in the auditorium with the New Directions dancing around her.

Boys, Boys, Boys/Paper Gangsta sung by Lady Gaga/Lady Gaga. Sung by Unique Adams and Marley Rose. Unique after seeing that no boys at WMHS will date her due to her physically being a boy, she is seen singing Boys, Boys, Boys at the gym and Marley walks in after having an arguement with Jake singing Paper Gangsta. The two rock out in the choir room and the Cheerios perform with them, Jake and the club seeing them.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich/Fashion sung by Lady Gaga. Sung by Rachel Berry and Sugar Motta. Rachel is back at WMHS after Finals week at NYADA. Sugar is seen arguing with her father over her recent shopping habits, the scene quickly changes to the choir room where Rachel and Sugar start singing together and they parade around the mall singing, with all the boys stopping to stare at them. They try on clothes and the scene ends with them in a car filled with shopping bags.

Alejandro sung by Lady Gaga. Sung by Blaine Anderson and Ryder (?). Blaine meets Ryder and he's instantly into him. Ryder isn't gay or at least Blaine thinks he isn't. Blaine breaks out into Alejandro during math class. Ryder is seen singing the second verse with Blaine in the chorus room. They end the song together but Ryder runs off before he can explain anything to Blaine.

Starstruck sung by Lady Gaga. Sung by Artie Abrams, Brittany Pierce, and the New Directions. Brittany and Artie go to the stage and Artie starts singing the intro while the group is seen walking out of the curtains. They are all in Lady Gaga's iconic clothes and Brittany continues the song while the New Directions sing backup and dance. The song ends with Artie and Brittany singing together and a round of applause for them.

Starstruck Costume Ideas

Artie Abrams- Origami Suit (based on the Origami Dress)

Blaine Anderson- Jeans and Shirt based on the Telephone American Flag Bikini

Tina Cohen-Chang- Lady Gaga's biker clothing from Judas

Marley Rose- Lady Gaga's meat dress

Unique Adams- Lady Gaga's Bedazzled Denim Outfit from Marry The Night

Sam Evans- Lady Gaga's You & I dress

Ryder- Judas' Biker clothing

Joe Hart- Poker Face Mask & Black Leotard

Sugar Motta- The Edge Of Glory Outfit (First Chorus)

Jake Puckerman- Jo Calderone outfit (VMA)

Brittany Pierce- Santana's Lace Outfit

Questions, Hate, Concerns, Comments, Soul Sacrifices, Love, etc?

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