Blaine mentioned in Prom Queen that he got beat up after going to a Sadie Hawkins' Dance with another boy.

In Prom Queen, Blaine begins the story by telling how "At my old school, there was a Sadie Hawkins Dance, and I had JUST come out..."

So when was Blaine's "Sadie Hawkins Dance"? Blaine says it was at his old school, but it's not clear whether it was high school or middle school.

A Sadie Hawkins dance is one where girls are allowed or expected to invite the boys, a reversal of the cultural norm. The concept originated in a Li'l Abner comic strip on November 15, 1937 (source ), and continued as a November tradition for 40 years. Life imitated art, and a number of schools from junior high through university began holding Sadie Hawkins dances.

In "Never Been Kissed," Blaine says he got harrassed and complained to the faculty, and when they did nothing he ran, transferred to Dalton. This does suggest that he started his freshman year at a public high school. Most fanfiction writers imply that the Sadie Hawkins dance was the last straw, giving one of three basic options:

1) Blaine attended Westerville High School, the Sadie Hawkins Dance was ~November 2009 (freshman year), and transferred to Dalton around December 2009 or January of 2010 (still a freshman)

Other writers suggest that the injuries from the beating after the dance made Blaine repeat his Freshman year of high school, either:

2) The dance was held in November 2008 (first freshman year), but his injuries were so serious he wasn't back to school for ~4-6 months. In this scenario, he would repeat his freshman year at Dalton in 2009-2010.

3) The dance was held in the spring of 2009, so he missed the end of the term and had to repeat. Again, he would repeat his freshman year at Dalton in 2009-2010.

According to Wikipedia, Sadie Hawkins day is celebrated on the Saturday following November 9th. But there is another, older tradition (see these postcards referencing 1908), saying that Leap Day is the day ladies are allowed to propose. The two traditions have been conflated, so that Leap Day may also be called "Sadie Hawkins Day" (source ).

However, the last Leap Day was in February of 2008, and the 29th was on a Friday. Blaine could have been about 13 or 14, and probably in 7th or 8th grade. This would probably fit with the concept of Blaine having "just come out," and presents a few more options:

4) If Blaine was an 8th grader, then he could have a long recovery, repeat 8th grade in 2008-2009, either at the public school or at home, and then going to Dalton as a Freshman in 2009.

5) The dance happens when Blaine is in 7th grade (Feb 29, 2008, which was a Friday). He doesn't repeat any years. 7th grade would be 2007-2008, 8th grade 2008-2009, 9th grade 2009-2010. He might have had a combination of public school and homeschool for junior high. He could either try again at the public school as a freshman, or he might go straight into Dalton.

What do you think? Did I miss any canon clues? Which scenario best fits your headcanon?

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