Hello! I'm Katy-Elizabeth, but feel free to call me Katy. I'm sure at least a few of you guys know me, I've probably auditioned for one of your fanfics or you've auditioned for one of mine. Maybe you have no clue who I am, if you don't feel free to check out my user page or message me, who know's you might end up on my friends list. 

I'm well aware of how many fanfictions are floating around lately, but I promise this will be different. I'll get more into the plot later on, but for now I'll just explain a bit about. SupernaturGLEE is a play on words, it feautures two very important aspects of the fic, firstly Glee which is obviously going to be a main part of it. Secondly, it sounds very similar to the word supernaturally, which has a lot to do with the fic as well. Intrigued? Keep reading.


I just have a few things I want to put out there, make sure you're all aware of them before auditioning. I don't want anyone to be angry with me or cause some bad blood.

1. Updates, as I'm sure you all know episodes and how frequent they are posted is a very important part of a fanfic. I'm at a very important part of my school and I need to ensure that I can get into advanced classes next year, so my main focus will be on my school work. I will try to update twice a month, but keep in mind I like my episodes to be long and detailed, while also writing several fics on wattpad. This is more of a stress reliever, but it's also something I've been considering for a while.

2. Seasons, I would like to think that this fic will last as long as glee has, but none of that is none for sure so for now I'm just going to get through season one. Seasons will only have thirteen episodes (may be extended to 22).

3. Characters, I will be making the director and one main character, that means there are eleven main character slots open and three re-curring. Characters may be promoted and demoted depending on how I feel about the character and its storyline potential, it also has to do with how active their creators are.

4. I've noticed one other person auditioning for a fic similar to this, but I promise they will NOT be alike in anyway, shape or form. The other person's fanfic focuses on superhumans while mine focuses more on the paranormal/supernatural side of things.

5. The fanfiction itself will feauture very strong content, there will be death. Trust me not all of the paranormals in this will be nice and gentle. For example the vampires may feed on human blood or animal blood depends on their preferences. If you've watched Vampire Diaries, then you should understand the following reference, if not then you should probably get on that show, it's amazing! It will have it's Stefan's (season one Stefan, anyway) and it's Damon's (again, season one Damon, anyway).


Victoria Salvatore is a thirry year old vampire who's beginning to regret becoming a vampire when she was twenty, so she seeks out a career, preferably related to music. She comes across a school hidden deep in the American wilderness, the school is made especially for paranormals. Vampires, Witches, Ghosts and Werewolves are among the many enrolled there, Victoria discovers it's the perfect fit for her. After three years as the music teacher, Victoria decides to begin a glee club to give her students a taste of the normal life. What will happen when twelve, hormonal supernaturals band together to form a strong bond that will last longer than a life time?

-Audition Form-

Full Name (First, Middle and Last):












Preffered Style of Music:

Reason for Joining The Supernaturals:

Random Quote:

Do You Want Your Character To Date:

If Yes, What Kind of People:

Audition Song:

Possible Storylines:



Kudos to you if you read all of that! You go Glen Coco! Auditions will be closing on the first of February and call backs will be posted that night! :)


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