Kurt warbler by maricuchi123-d5dsl86

'I found Kurt to be a fascinating character.'

How I became a Gleek and Why it's Amazing... 

I just began watching 'Glee' this last fall, and I have already fallen deeply into the fandom. I have began a fan page on pinterest (Check out GLEEK4LIFE if you're interested) and have fallen in love with the characters and finished every season. To be honest, I actually began watching 'Glee' last summer, but I was only 12 and I was only watching it because my friends were watching it.

I believe it is not right to begin a show or book because a person recommends it. I believe if it is a truly good book or show, then it will come to you. So, after a year of not watching it, after watching about 11 episodes of the first season, I resumed watching it. 

This year, I had become engrossed in supporting and fighting for LGBT+ rights, and I found out that 'Glee' was one of the best shows to deal with this topic. I was right. I found Kurt to be a fascinating character. His story arch was unique, and realistic. In fact, the character was based on the actor, Chris Colfer, who portrays him. I had been dealing, this summer, with my sexuality. 'Glee' has helped me to become true to myself.