Hi, I'm starting a mini fanfic (6 episodes)!!! I need 6 guys and 6 girls. I also need a Glee Club Director, a cheerleading coach, and a principal!! I am putting polls down below for different things that I haven't decided!!! Everyone may audition: A guy, a girl, and ONE teacher (Glee Club director, Cheerleading coach or principal).


What should the school colors be?? (These will be the cheerleader uniform colors as well)

The poll was created at 11:11 on September 15, 2012, and so far 22 people voted.

I also need a school name, I can't think of any, so reccomend in the comments please :)!!

As well as that, I need: A Glee Club name and a cheerleader name!!

Audition form

Name: Nickname: Portrayer: Grade:

That's all I need, you'll see why in episode one!! 8D


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