Hello! Well done to you all for making it into the cast and I hope you are pleased! This blog post is just going to list a few spoilers for the first episode which, to no surprise is going to be named: Pilot, as well as the songs featured in this episode. A few notes: Not every cast member will audition or feature in this episode, some will be introduced in episode two, the actual episode will NOT be posted on the Glee Wiki but to start with on (which I will post the link to on your walls each episode), and if the fanfic is successful I will create a wiki for this fanfiction, spoilers and songs will always be posted in a blog of mine if you want to take a look! I will begin writing the first episode either today or tomorrow so i will keep you posted on the release date! So without further ado, here are some spoilers and the song list:


  1. It's a new year at William McKinley High School, the New Directions have just come off a national championship, but are down in numbers, Mr Schuester hosts auditions to gain new members, with some surprising results.
  2. Brittany, lonely without Santana, attempts to make new friends.
  3. New student Rose struggles to adjust to school life, she has a secret which she intends to keep.
  4. The Cheerios make their return and are more bitchier than ever, with Avery and Lilly on a mission to destroy the Glee Club assigned by one Miss Sue Sylvester now she has had her baby and has her job to herself again.
  5. Garrett is determined to get into the glee club this year, he has had a bad past, he believes it is his time to shine, what will get in his way?
  6. The New Directions, now hot stuff at McKinley lose their way and the definition of Glee is thrown out of the window, leaving some students very upset.


  • A Thousand Years. by Christina Perri. Sung by Rose Valdez.
  • Mine. by Taylor Swift. Sung by Heather Oak.
  • Thinking About You. by Frank Ocean. Sung by Garrett Daltron Morano.
  • I Look To You. by Whitney Houston. Sung by Melissa Pennington.
  • Viva La Vida. by Coldplay. Sung by Ben Lochte.
  • Somewhere Only We Know. by Keane. Sung by Stephanie Wilder.
  • Here I Go Again. by Whitesnake. Sung by New Directions.


  • Jenna Ushkowitz. as Tina Cohen-Chang.
  • Chord Overstreet. as Sam Evans.
  • Darren Criss. as Blaine Anderson.
  • Heather Morris. as Brittany Pierce.
  • Kevin Mchale. as Artie Abrams
  • Matthew Morrisson. as William Schuester.
  • Jane Lynch. as Sue Sylvester.
  • Wanky. as Rose Valdez.
  • Gleek4life587. as Heather Oak.
  • ClevanOTP. as Garrett Daltron Morano.
  • CrystallineSkies. as Melissa Pennington.
  • Bartieandquick+6. as Ben Lochte.
  • Smoothsister. as Stephanie Wilder.
  • CrystallineSkies. as Avery Grace.
  • SamAndQuinnForever123. as Lilly McMills.

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