Season Five, Episode Two
First Aired October 3, 2013
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Unexpected is the second episode of Glee's fifth season and the ninetieth episode overall. It will premiere on October 3, 2013. This episode features the death of Finn Hudson, which will be full detailed in the next episode. Also, Quinn Fabray, Brody Weston and Lauren Zizes return to the show.

Will tells the Club that they need to regain their popularity, after they lost it in the beginning of the year, so they can create interest in people to join the club after that several members like Blaine or Tina are leaving after Graduation. Feeling inspired by the spirit of some famous music bands, they decide to present "the greatests songs of the greatests music bands ever". Tina finally reconciles with Mike, and they accept a long-distance relationship. Marley stills doubts about Jake's fidelity and demands an explanation. Kitty finds herself in love with someone unexpected from New Directions. In New York, Rachel and Brody face each other for the first time after their break-up, with terrible results. Kurt is visited by someone completely unexpected, who turns to be Lauren Zizes, and she's moving to the apartment. Meanwhile, Puck is visited by Quinn and Finn has a terrible accident during a trip, and Unique tries to talk with Ryder.

Note this is completely made by me, Lucas Altuzarra, and it's not part of the canon series. It's a fanfiction, and it's done only for fun purposes.


When Tina and Blaine found out that Graduation is coming very fast, they tell Will that they want to graduate with some popularity, after so many victories. Will decides to tell New Directions the new assignment which is: sing the songs from the best bands ever! Will explains that the glee club should gain its popularity or at least its acceptance from the other people after they've lost it when Jake and Kitty joined New Directions. Everyone starts to tell them that maybe they shouldn't have joined, but Will stops them and tells the other members that without them they wouldn't have been even able to get to Sectionals, and they have to be a group and think about Nationals. Unique says that's true and they must focus on Nationals, that's why she wanted to do the assignment. Along with Kitty, Jake, Tina and Blaine they perform Radio Ga Ga. When they finish, they are apploauded by Will and the rest of the members.

In Los Angeles, Puck tells Finn that he should take care of himself since Finn's going to a trip organized by his Literature teacher. Puck wishes him luck. Finn tells him that he will. After Finn leaves him alone, he performs I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing in the main hall of the university along with his classmates.

Meanwhile, in NY, Rachel is preparing for the next dancing class, and after Cassandra July sees her and says hello to her, a shadow walks quickly looking at Rachel, leaving her shocked. Rachel asks Cassandra if she can miss the class in order to go who that person was. In fact, when Rachel gets to that person, it turns out that is Brody. Brody tells her that he doesn't wanna see her again. Rachel says that it's not even good that they are seeing each other again, telling him that she suffered a lot because of his secret. Brody tells her that even though what he was doing was wrong in some way, it was necessary to do it to pay the high cost of NYADA. Then Brody says that she should have cared about herself, due to her parents paying the bills, but Rachel interrumpts him and says that she's working a lot to pay it for herself. Brody doesn't believe it and simply goes away. Both of them start to sing No More Lonely Nights.. When the song finishes, it's revealed that it was all Rachel's ideas of the song. It was just imagination. Rachel then returns to the class.

In the auditorium, Tina is alone and calls Mike again. When Mike picks up the phone during a difficult dancing lessons back to his colleage, Tina simply says 'Hi'. Mike says hello, too, and smiles. Tina is also seen smiling. She tells her that she's ready for a long-distance relationship. It would be difficult, and tears will appear frecuently, she says but, the only person she'd always gonna love in her life was definitely Mike. They sing a lovely mash-up of As Tears Go By/We Can Work It Out. As Tina continues singing, is seen that every member of the club accompanies her during the song. Mike accepts very happy and proceeds to continue with the dancing lesson, but happier.

In the Choir Room, Will gets into there and asks the kids what they have prepared for the assignment. Then, all the girls stand up and says that this song is for all the boys in the world. They sing Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me from U2. When they finished, Will says that it was very awesome and nice and tells the boys that they have to do something better than that.

After all people leave the Choir Room as the bell rings, Unique is left alone and calls Ryder. Ryder actually picks up the phone and asks her:

  • - What do you want?
  • - Can't at least talk about it?
  • - You hurt me so much after what you've done... I'm done with you!
  • - Please, I'm sorry. I don't like being like this with someone.
  • - Who do you think you are to do this? Can't you see that you stole a girl's identity to get me?
  • - Yes, yes, I do know, I didn't know what I was doing...
  • - Yes, you did know.
  • - Don't be mad, I know I did it wrong, but...

Ryder suddenly finishes the conversation. Then he starts to sing Stairway to Heaven, at the same time as Unique. When the song finishes, Ryder is seen crying a bit, as Unique also does. He enters to his next class, and Unique leaves the Choir Room.

When Puck finishes cleaning all the mess that the party left in his room, someone knocks at his door. It's revealed then that is Quinn! They hug each other, and Quinn asks him how he is and Puck tells her that he's simply happy because she's there and he missed her so much. Quinn says she did too. She asks him where Finn is, as she was told that Puck and Finn were together in the same room. Puck answers that he was in a trip with his classmates. Quinn then asks what's he doing there, and Puck says he's there just for fun. Quinn laughs and they hug again.


Song Title

Original Artist


Radio Ga Ga


Blaine Anderson, Jake Puckerman, Tina Cohen-Chang, Kitty Wilde and Wade "Unique" Adams

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing


Noah "Puck" Puckerman

No More Lonely Nights

Paul McCartney

Rachel Berry and Brody Weston

As Tears Go By/We Can Work It Out

The Rolling Stones/The Beatles

Tina Cohen-Chang and Mike Chang with New Directions

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

U2 (from the "Batman" film)

New Directions Girls

Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin Wade "Unique" Adams and Ryder Lynn
Clocks/American Idiot Coldplay/Green Day Noah "Puck" Puckerman and New Directions Boys
Girlfriend/The One N'Sync/Backstreet Boys New Directions Boys (except Blaine)
2 Become 1 Spice Girls New Directions Girls

Guest cast

Special Guest-star



  • The Finn and Puck scenes were reused from delated scenes from Lights Out.
  • This is the second episode to feature a major character's death, the first being Funeral.
  • Lauren Zizes returns since last season's episode, Sadie Hawkins.
  • Brody Weston returns since Guilty Pleasures.
  • Quinn returns since I Do.
  • "Stairway to Heaven" actually lasts over 8 minutes long, but the episode version last 2:58 minutes long and the full released version lasts 4:50 minutes long.
  • "No More Lonely Nights" is the only song from this episode that it's not from a music band.

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