Pilot is the first episode of Glee's spin-off series, Glee: Las Vegas and the first episode overall. It is to premiere on August 15, 2013. 

A lazy, carefree big spender turns out to change his persona as a gold digger to a Glee Club director after losing all of his money while being in a casino. While Glee Club is uncommon at Scott B. Winwood High School, he tries to create it even when he hesitates to. 

This episode will be written by former Glee: The New Years and Glee: Make it or Break It writer, REBƎLReloaded.


The Core Six 

  • The core six members of this episode (those who audition first) are Nick James, Hailey Bennett, Hunter Gallagher, Chantel Layne, Riley Cruz and Izzie Sepsiah.
  • The Glee Club's name is The Sin City Serenades
  • Only one person is forced to join by behavior.

The Cheerleaders

  • The cheerleaders will make their appearance.
  • Lacey Whitaker and Cassidy Williams are the "head bitches in charge"
  • Shelayna Platts and Avery Gordon are the outsiders in the team.

The Jocks

  • Most of the jocks will not join Glee Club, with the exception of Nick James.
  • Patrick Lanter is the bad guy at Winwood High.

Chris Morgan

  • Chris will not want to have a job as a Glee Club director at first.


- The song list is in order.

Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Remedy (I Won't Worry) Jason Mraz Riley Cruz
I Love Rock 'n' Roll Joan Jett Izzie Sepsiah
I (Who Have Nothing)  Tom Jones Chantel Layne
Marry the Night Lady Gaga Hailey Bennett
Live and Let Die The Beatles Hunter Gallagher
Out There  Cast of Hunchback of Notre Dame Nick James
Stick to the Status Quo Cast of High School Musical Winwood High School Students
We Are Golden MIKA The Sin City Serenades


  • Riley Cruz was originally a character in REBELReloaded's former fanfiction, Glee: The New Years, but it was cancelled before his appearance was set.
  • Chantel Layne's portrayer, American Idol winner, Candice Glover, performed this song on the reality TV show herself in 2013.

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