Hey, guys. Since it's taking me a bit long to release the third episode, here's a little trailer for your excitement. Enjoy. <3

Trae jogged outside on a rainy and cloudy morning—he wore a black jacket with a hood on his head. He seemed completely determined, but many memories surrounded him.

I act the way I do for a reason… I resist society’s morals because they’re corrupting people’s minds.

Trae continued to jog his way back home in the rain.

A voice of a woman responded: And you think that acting that way will give you what you want? What do you think your members will get out of this? Freedom?

Trae continued to narrate: Freedom is more than just an incentive—it’s a necessity. When teenagers like us are deprived of that freedom, the only thing to do is react.

“That’s the difference between you and me,” Trae continues to speak as he faces Principal Rose De Vil during a one-on-one conversation in her office. Rose De Vil watched as he spoke.


“This school is like an asylum, it makes me sick,” Sydney exclaimed as she sat across from depressed Trae.

“I’m at my breaking point,” Trae said succinctly as he faced the rest of the Savages. “This time, it’s no games. It’s time for action.”

“What are we going to do?” Gina asked curiously.

Trae looked up, “We’re gonna do what we’re supposed to do—revolt.”


Trae shoves his desk down, dropping all of his items down to the classroom floor. Everyone watched him in awe.



Trae began to notice Joe giving certain glances at him from afar. He seemed unsure of how to react—he looked back suspiciously.

Alex began to speak, “He’s a snake. Don’t put your trust in him. He knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it well…”

Joe began to befriend Nate as they walked together in the hallways.

Joe attempted to impress Sydney, and befriended Carl.

“You’re his target, Trae, and it’s your initiative to not let him manipulate you,” Alex warned with concern.

“Joe isn’t really that bad—he’s a good guy, he’s just misunderstood…”

Joe walked past Trae, accidently nudging him on the shoulder. Trae looked back as he watched Joe depart from the other direction.

Joe gave an unusual smirk.

“He’s poison,” Alex said.

Trae and Joe were in an empty space. Trae felt awkward being in front of Joe, to whom he didn’t trust with his gut. Joe slowly pushed himself forward to a hesitant Trae for a kiss….



“All women belong in the kitchen, and they will never get the same respect as men,” Felix stated carelessly in front of Sydney, Gina, and Lily.

Sydney, Lily, and Gina looked in complete disgust. They were appalled by Felix’s comment towards women.

“That’s ethical, if you ask me,” Felix shrugged carelessly.

Lily said, “I literally just have the urge to rip your nut sack off.”

Gina looked at Lily in shock, “Lily!”

Felix rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as the girls confronted him.

“What? My cousin did it to her boyfriend—lost all of his future kids,” Lily shrugged.


  • cue Ratchet Commandments by Tink*


“At least I do have real hair,” Sydney rolled her eyes as she faced Watermelondrea, who returned back to James A. Masters High School at an inopportune time.

Watermelondrea scoffed, “That’s fine, cause I got the best weave, and I have edges. I got a good man—whenever he gives it to me, he buys me Chinese food every night.”

“General Tso’s Chicken!” There was awkward silence as Sydney glared in disbelief, and Watermelondrea gave an unusual laugh—“You mad?”



Trae and Zach walk down the hallways, performing the song.

“Ratchet,” Trae and Zach sing.

Brian grasped his hands around Vik’s waist as they kissed. Zach’s eyes widened. He was in awe with what he was witnessing.

They say revenge is sweet…” Zach said as he faced Trae.

A recording of Brian and Vik is exposed in front of a large projector in the gymnasium, where an assembly takes place. Trae and Zach are in complete shock.

“…but it tastes bitter to me,” Zach continued.


“Are you responsible for this inappropriate video?” Rose De Vil interrogated a scared Zach.

Zach shivered and his hands began to tremble, “N-n-no.”



Alex attempts to throw rocks at Gina’s window. He held a bouquet of roses in his hand. However, it began to rain heavily, and his plan to impress Gina was ruined.

“Maybe you’re just trying a bit too hard to get to Gina?” Joe said to Alex.

“What the hell do you know about love?” Alex scoffed.

“I know you’re thirstier than a sweaty man thirsty for his Aquafina,” Joe shrugged.


A preppy, attractive boy named Mike catches his eye on Trae.

“Has anyone told you how good looking you are, my good man?” Mike said politely.

Trae shrugged, “I get that a lot.”

“Well deserved,” Mike winked.

 Zach is jealous of their sudden bond, and finds himself venting to Gina about it.

“I really like Trae,” Zach said angrily, “But how can I express that to him if he’s with some new guy day after day?”

Gina replied, “Trae is a helpless romantic….”

Trae winks at Kalleb as he walked away from him, and Kalleb rolled his eyes and turned back.

Trae pushes himself against an aroused Dirty Dan, who encourages Trae to kiss him.

 “…If he finds the right guy, you’ll know. Just be patient,” Gina says.

Zach felt discouraged.




“Ever since you joined this team, you have been nothing but a jerk, and I’m tired of it,” Sydney confronted a stubborn and unusual Nate.

Nate confronted Sydney back, “Why does it matter? You and Trae think you’re both God’s gift to the group, when in reality, both of you are weak—flops.”


Rufus confronted Alex in the locker room—“You want to be tough? Let’s be tough. You’re nothing but a brat who lost his spot.”

Alex’s adrenaline began to pump, as he pushed Rufus to a red locker aggressively.


“Either they cut it out, or I’m quitting this job,” a fed-up teacher stated as she confronted Rose De Vil for the students’ unusual and disrespectful behavior.


Zach looked in his bathroom counter, stealing his mother’s anxiety pills. Gradually, this would become an addiction.

Zach starts to act unusual towards the Savages.


Carl bravely walks in front of the Moneybags, targeting Felix during the showdown.

“What’s up, greaser?” Felix said.


The Savages all walked into Principal Rose De Vil’s office in anger. “We want what’s ours—and we’re going to get it, whether you like it or not,” Sydney yelled.



The Savages, all wearing black, dark colors, walked inside of the school headquarters that night. Trae began to whisper to them, “Ready?”

The Savages ran inside, as if they were in slow motion, and began to damage all of the school’s property.


Gina throws her water in Sydney’s face, and slaps her aggressively. Sydney could feel the sting on her cheek from Gina’s rough hands.


Trae passionately kisses Zach as they stand in Zach’s bedroom.


Gina and Alex kiss each other, but Gina hesitantly pulls back.


Random students carelessly damage the school property during a riot. Students push teachers down and attack them, while other students break windows.


“Are you hungry?” Lily walked to Sena with a large bowl filled with a mixture of Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, and Honey Bunches of Oats. She poured the entire bowl on Sena, who was in complete shock.

Sena and Lily, eventually, fight.


Brian is attacked by Trae after he puts Zach in a threatening position in the bathroom. Vik attempts to jump in the altercation, but Zach punches him.


Sydney, Carl and Alex physically attack Felix in the hallways of James A. Masters High School. Gina, Iesha, Rufus, and Alyssa jumps in the altercation, attempting to attack him as well.


Trae pushes Joe behind a glass mirror in the boys’ restroom in anger.


Zach screams loudly outside of the courtyard, out of anger and pain.


Police cars arrive at the school, and Nate can be seen attempting to break free from the officers, pushing and hitting them.


Trae uses a baseball bat on a teacher.


Trae’s mother slaps him.




Blood drips in the school hallways.


“You know your Brady Bunch can get in a lot of trouble, right?” Rose De Vil said.

“We aren’t the Brady Bunch,” Trae said to Rose De Vil, “We’re the Savages. Google, Instagram, Kik, Tweet, MySpace, Facebook, and Snapchat us...beotch."



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