You'll be reading this blog-title thinking: "What the hell is he saying goodbye to this deader-than-dead wiki for?" But well.... This is less a farewell from glee-wikia than it is a goodbye from any trace you might still have had from me and I might have had from you. I am going somewhere I will not have access to the internet because I have gambled my freedom away. Yes loves, I am about to announce exactely what you are thinking. I have been sentenced to a lifetime in jail .

Some of you have been seeing this coming for years, and the day has finally arrived. I have rendered myself liable to prosecution due to "lascivious acts with a minor". At least that's what my arrest warrant says. Those who have had to do with me know that boys my own age have never interested me, not to mention those my senior. I have always wanted to be close to boys younger than me. But this time I have apparently taken it too far. I did not see anything wrong with it, but in his parents' eyes, a twenty-three year old engaging in sexual relations with their underage son is inacceptable. Now I have the salad.

Too long, don't read, the judge has declared that this is an offence worth jail-time. I have been given a few hours to cut all the ties in my life, but after that I'm getting locked up. I thought some of the last remaining people ghosting here would care, because as I implied, I will have to leave all my social media. This means you are eading my last words to you, ever. Have a nice life, everyone.

Edit: Also, if you read this, please make sure to share it with any former Glee Wiki User you still talk to

You've been played an April Fool's joke.

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