So with all of my other things i have been able to learn how to make a template :) just tell me

  • Background color:
  • Color Font
  • Word in Bold
  • Picture
  • Saying

and thats it ill make it for you :) The only thing i truely ask of you is to not spam other pages with the Templates and please send people my way oh and please dont take credit for it PLEASE!

heres mine :)

FinchelKiss(IAmUnicorn) This user is craving more Finchel kisses

Untitleddsg This user wants Rachel to win more coin tosses

Puck and Quinn food fight♥ This user demands Quick in Season 3

Jesse-Rachel-jesse-st-james-12006614-1280-720 This user will have a tantrum if Jesse doesn't come back for season 3

Tumblr lt4w9mArXw1r1bhfd This user wants Blainetana to happen

Brittana After Landslide This user demands Brittana NOW!!!

Hemoginty This user ships Rortany

28bkhjk This user want Sam back so then Fabrevans can be endgame

Tumblr lk8eys18JK1qc67kao1 500 thumb This user is a big Quinn fan

Rainonmyparade This user wants it to rain on their parade

Normal 2x16 228 This user wants more Klaine

BartieShoulderHug This user wants Bartie!!

Blaine-Anderson-300x239 This user is obsessed with Blaine Anderson

KlaineKiss34 This user can't wait for the First Time

Santanamad This user is from Lima Heights

Dave Karofsky 2 This user wants the caketopper to return.

Samabs This user is in love with Sam Evans

Tumblr ls7n8shKnf1qm4pc0o1 500 This user will throw a massive tantrum if Quick doesn't get back together.

Klaine love This user wants to be in a Klaine sandwich

Tumblr lqwv6i0ggB1qhlfm8o1 400 This Person Is A Fan of The UnHoly Trinity

300.ab.glee.prjct.082211 This User Ships Quamian SO BAD

Fintana moment This user needs Finntana this season

Courage by phenixfeathers-d32lbn7

Tumblr l7454bBOCD1qd5y5ao1 400 This user wanna be in a Brittana sandwich

6a00d8341c730253ef013488d091d4970c-800wi This user wants to live a teenage dream tonight


Rachelpuck OTP- the two sexy jews puckleberry

S&M This User Wants Cocoa Babies Now!

TST2 Shanecedes is Endgame!

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