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Don’t go anywhere because Oxygen's The Glee Project is returning with its third season. Auditions have just opened up, both online and casting. Robert J. Ulrich and Ryan Murphy are back, and they’re ready to find the new cast, a spin-off competition series, where the winner will win a guest role on Glee.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the world that is Glee? Well here’s your opportunity! Below is the all-important audition form to enter your own contestants into the hit reality show!

Audition Form





Form of Audition?



Personal Life/Backstory:

LCP Songs:

Best Week Theme:

Worst Week Theme:'

What character would they play if they were on Glee?

Week your contender would like to win:

Favourite previous TGP contestants (from seasons 1 & 2):

Audition Song:

Celebrity Portrayer:

Trivia Facts:

Would you like to write the contenders weekly blog?


Hey there, I’ve been really wanting to do this for some time now. I’m creating my own The Glee Project fan fiction, like a lot of other users have lately. I would really love to have as many people as possible audition for this, as I have a lot of great ideas. I’m planning on starting my own wiki solely for the fanfiction, which is going to be called: The Glee Project: Fight to the Finish. I’m holding auditions on here, much like I have on the The Glee Project Wiki.

I plan to have each episode out weekly, but this may vary dependent on my schedule. Also a note is that the first episode will be the audition process and such, meaning it’ll be written in a different format from the other episodes. I’d like to note that for me, description is key. I really want to be able to root for your character, so describe them as best you can.

Without further ado though, I will be choosing 12 (maybe fourteen if you’re lucky) contestants to vie for the title of The Glee Project: Fight to the Finish winner. Auditions will close in about four to five days or so.

Good luck, and as the lovely Effie Trinket would say, “May the odds be ever in your favour.”

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