Well this is my first blog post, and I am excited as heck.

Basically, lemme tell you a youthful fact I discovered the other night as I was browsing the internet for Glee memes (yes that is what my life is, I can sense your judgement hush hush now my dear one)

Anywho, I discovered a photoset gif which was from the episode 'A Wedding'. Now in case you can't remember, at the Brittana wedding after the ceremony Artie sings Hey Ya! by OutKast. I always thought it was an odd choice of song to have at a wedding (especially a very very gay wedding) UNTIL...

So as I was saying I found the gif. The image was Brittana smiling at each other and being generally adorable, and at the bottom there was a caption. Now make sure you hold onto your hats because you're about to be blown away. The caption read:

Hey Ya starts playing.

Now to anyone who is not a hardcore shipper or lives under a rock, in the world of Brittana shippers comes a world of Heya shippers (also commonly know as HeYa as well). Heya is the ship name of Naya Rivera and Heather Morris - the actressess who play Santana and Brittany on Glee.

Heya -> HeYa -> He Ya -> Hey Ya

And that my friend... is the moment I fell off of my chair.

Before I go on, I can see you critising my theory, however I already know your dissagreements, which is why I have evidence to keep the critiques from critiquing.

I understand that Hey Ya! is one of the most popular wedding songs of all time, HOWEVER in the Brittana wedding sense it doesn't make sense why to include it as the lyrics don't contribute to the storylines or situations. "But it's an upbeat song to dance to!" I hear you say? That isn't an excuse as they also performed I'm So Excited which is also an upbeat song to dance to.

It's important to note that Ryan Murphy and Co. are extremely meta and self referencial writers, which is half the reason I fell in love with the show (the other half is the lesbians). For instance, in the Hurt Locker Part 1, Sue mentions only having 6/7 weeks to get Klaine back together, depending on network preamptions. This in itself best explains the type of show Glee is.

So there you have it. Hey Ya! was actually an inside joke the writers included for the Heya shippers (and thank God for that).

So with that, I conclude my first blog post by saying that the writers of Glee are truly geniuses and very aware of the fandoms. And also Heather and Naya are what I live for.

(P.S. tomorrow Heather is having a instagram live stream to celebrate hitting 300,000 followers! It's at 11am PST which is roughly about 5am for me. I've set 8 alarms so I can watch the entire thing and FINGERS CROSSED she'll notice me :)

I'll keep ya posted, Lucinda


I'm having all the Heya feelz right now

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