While I'm at it, I decided to add on the photos from the Glee Concert that I was also blessed enough to go to!

Okay, so I've got the photo's updated, but first, I forgot to say these few things.

Remember when Alex was hugging my mom? Okay, so he said to her, "without mom's we wouldn't be here!", or something like that. And he talked to her a bit. :) HE IS SUCH A SWEETHEART!!!!

2. So I was in front of Starbucks (which is next to the theater) watching, and my mom was meeting me there. She was going to meet me, when, MARK SALLINGS happened to be next to her being interviewed (he had was going to enter the theater from the right instead of the left side with the red carpet). She was smushed NEXT TO MARK SALLINGS and all she was thinking was: "Should I move??? I dont want to be in the interview!" I said she should have given him a hug or gotten an autograph or SOMETHING!!!

3. Alex was wearing sparkly, a little bit lighter than navy blue eye makeup! Wow!

4. I was posing with Samuel, and my hair was resting his hair, and stupid that I am, I said: "wow. ur hairs so soft/good feeling" or something like that! *facepalm*

5. When I was meeting Cory Monteith, I was expecting to meet the whole cast, so I just grabbed a bunch of blank flashcards that I was using for studying chinese, but when it turned out to be only Cory, I didn't want to put them all away, so kept holding them anyway. When he FINALLY got to me, I gave him my ticket and a flash card to sign, but my sis was like, GET him to sign one for me! So i gave him another flashcard to sign. and he was like: "i can sign them all!" And I was like: "no! No, it's fine!" I didn't mean to be rude, and I really liked his humor, but he had still like twenty fans waiting for him and I was SOOO nervous!!!

So that was 2 events that I am permenantly changed for. My life is complete! :)

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