heyy im really bored so i wanted to make a fan fic called Glee here is the first episode

Rachel was walking down the hallway looking at Finn. She knew it Finn was falling head over heels for Quinn and Quinn was falling head over heels for Puck. She knew what she had to do. Date Puck that’s all but will Quinn let her. Rachel had some thinking to do and she knew what she was gonna do. Date the most popular guy in school.


Will: ok guys we have to focus on regionals with Sue as Aural Intensity’s coach we know we have to do something to win

Rachel: I think I should perform a number from the musical-

Quinn: actually I think I would like a solo

Brittany: No I Want one

Finn: I Deserve one

Tina: I’ve never gotten a solo for my self

Glee club gets into a huge jumble on who gets the solo. Will annoyed walks away as the Glee Club fights.


Rachel walks up to Sam

Rachel: hi

Sam: uhhhh hi

Rachel: I have never really spoken to you and I thought it would be a good start now

Sam: uhhhhhh OK I know im not dating Santana anymore so why not

Rachel: meet me in the April Rhodes Civilic Pavillion

Sam: ok

Rachel: see you then ;)

                       GLEE CLUB ROOM

Puck is sitting alone in the room looking at the last years high school yearbook of the picture of couple of the year him and Quinn.

Quinn walks in

Quinn: I heard you were in here

Puck: yeah……..

Quinn: so I thought I should come in here and tell you something

Puck: *crossing fingers* please say you want to make out, please say you want to make out.

Quinn: no

Puck: Damn it

Quinn: I really like you but……..

Puck: ya

Quinn: I don’t know if this can work out

Puck: it’s Finn isn’t it

Quinn: no it’s Sam I’m not over him

Puck: oh please Sam is gonna go make out with Rachel in the autorium today

Quinn: what?

Puck: sry babe buts it’s true

Quinn: you know how you said you wanted to make out

Puck: yeah……

Quinn continues to make out with Puck as the scene cuts


Sam: RACHEL!!!!!!!! Are you here!

Rachel: hi Sam

Sam: uhhhhh hey

Rachel: I really want to date you

Sam: what?

Rachel: I really like you, please go out with me

Sam: You are hot so why not

Rachel: I love your rhymes

The 2 kiss as Finn walks in sees them and with a sad look walks away

                       GLEE CLUB

Will: ok guys ready to rehearse for regionals

Quinn: Mr.Shu

Will: yes Quinn

Quinn: Puck and I would like to audition for a duet for regionals

Will: a ballad

Quinn: no

Rachel: Few cuz Sam and I would love to audition for the Ballad

Finn: (jealous) WHAT

Rachel: Yeah Finn Sam and I are dating

Will: lets just listen to Puck and Quinn

Quinn and Puck sing love the way you lie with Puck as the Eminem parts and Quinn as the Rihanna parts

Glee Club: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (claps)

the end

thats the end of episode 1 stay tuned for episode 2 PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!! Santana Lopez"Get Up In My Grill" 05:46, February 21, 2011 (UTC)

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