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This chapters focus: William.


May 25th 2011 8:00AM

"Quiet up everyone and keep lowing." Mr Schuester shouted over the screams of his frightened glee club.

Another gunshot and been heard outside the door and what started as just the scream of Rachel thinking Finn got shot, turned into to whole club going crazy.

"Quiet, please!" He tried again but still no one stopped.

"Silence!" Will roared causing everyone to stop and glance at him.

"Mr. Schue, we're dead, tell them we're dead." Quinn muttered.

"We are not dead, just everyone keep quiet and stay low." As soon as Will said that a figure dressed in black flashed past the window in the door, looking into the room at everyone as he run past.

That was just what New Directions needed to stay calm; Brittany screamed causing everyone to go into a panic. Will needed to be away from all the noise it was starting to give him a headache.

Will went to his office (which was conjoining with the choir room) and contemplated what the hell he was going to do.

"I'm a teacher not some trained commando." He pondered,

"I need some help, are any other teachers here yesterday in the afternoon?" He questioned himself because if there were more teachers here they could band together to get everyone out.

Will pulled out his iPhone and tried to dial the first work contact he saw, Sue. The phone rang three times before she picked up in her usually tone of voice.

"Hello William."

"Sue, thank God I need-"

"Oh William I'm not going to help you and your club of unwanted misfits."

"Sue have you seen what's happen-"

"Yes I do know what the latest epidemic is at this school, and I'm not talking about your ridiculous obsession with putting whale fat in your hair."

"Well then you have to help me and-"

"Oh no William, you see I am quiet enjoy what happening it's really keeping me on my toes and it is aiding my aching back. Goodbye William, burn in Hell."

The call cut short Will was gob smacked Sue was enjoy they school being terrorized, was she behind all this?

"Mr. Schue, we need food." Said Mercedes opening the office's' door to let him know that the screaming had died down.

"Well the cafeteria isn't too far maybe you and someone else could go, I need to stay here and look after everyone." Will said hopping he could stay behind and try and figure out what Sue was up to.

"Uh, sure." Mercedes muttered before beckoning over Quinn to come with her to the cafeteria.

May 25th 2011 11:00AM

Will was beginning to worry, unlike New Directions (except Puck, Finn, Quinn and Mercedes) who and calmed down and somehow with the school being terrorized were enjoying themselves. He was worrying everyone who wasn't with him, he was stupid allowing Mercedes and Quinn to go the cafeteria on their own, Noah and Finn he just let them walk out, and now there most likely dead.

The intercom moaned on to a somewhat disoriented but similar (Will thought) voice.

"Hello all erm, personnel I am telling you all personally that none, not one of my men want to inflict any harm on any of *cough*most*cough* of you. We are just getting what we want and if you get in our way, we will have no option but to dispose of you quickly and painlessly *cough*mostly*cough*, so please stay out of the hallways or else we will have to kill you. Thank you."

The intercom buzzed out Will suddenly stopped breathing, had he just allowed Quinn, Mercedes, Finn and Noah to die? He contemplated his options; he could stay here and act natural telling everyone that there fine. Or he could act responsibly putting his life in danger to save the members of New Directions outside. He had to decide who was more important him or the children?

"Alright everyone listen up." Will said, not too loudly as most of New Directions was scared stiff due to the message they just heard.

"I'm not going to lie, we are in danger. However Quinn, Finn, Noah and Mercedes are in more." Rachel started sobbing after hearing the name of Finn, her boyfriend Finn.

"I'm going to find them, now I will choose one of you to look after the rest of the group."

"Thank you Mr. Shue I knew you would chose me, my two Dads made sure when I was of five years that I had a two week "S.W.A.T escape"camp so that I could escape from my future incredibly obsessive boyfriends." Rachel said with a chirp in her voice as if she didn't care about the situation.

"No I though Sam could do it." Will said turning to Sam.

"Err, Thanks." Sam coughed out.

"I knew you were up to it Sam, I'll be back as soon as I can." Will said as he exited the choir room.

May 25th 2011 1:00PM

Will turned down a corridor after hiding in a closet for an hour and half, those two men (who will thought were very familiar) just wouldn't leave. He turned around another corridor and saw the two familiar figures (from before) with their backs two him holding guns at a man lying on the floor.

"Who are you guys?" One of the figures said to the man on the floor.

"I refuse to speak." The man on the floor gowned clutching his ankle, which was most likely damaged by the two men.

"Go tell your leader, to leave, now go!" The other figured shouted while him and the other figured turned around.

"Finn, Noah?" Will said shocked, after seeing who it was.

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