Vanessa is a student at the Brooklyn Film Academy. She's a friend and colleague of Artie. They hook-up several times, but have no interest in a relationship.


Season Five


Vanessa is first seen in the hallways of the Brooklyn Film Academy, where Artie reveals that he has slept with her, and greets her. She then gives herself a brief introduction. She explains that she had her parents throw a New wave party for her sixth birthday. She also explains that she agreed to sleep with Artie when she saw a movie in which he parodied Lady Gaga.

Vanessa freaks out when Artie confesses to her that he has been diagnosed with Chlamydia. She is angry at the prospect of having been infected and having to go to hospital to get tested. She declines Artie's plea that they remain friends, but assures him that she will rather make their fellow students shun him. While walking off, she confesses that she doesn't like his movies either.