General Information
Gender: Male
Occupations: Student
Synchronized Swimming Member
Aliases: Vinny the Gill (self, nickname)
Family & Friends
Friends: Sam Evans
Roz Washington
Other Information
Interests: Swimming
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Swimming
Series Information
First episode: Yes/No
Last episode: Yes/No
Portrayer: Graham Kurtz

Vinny is a member of Synchronized Swimming Team. He made his one-episode appearance debut in the episode Yes/No.

He is portrayed by Graham Kurtz.


Season Three


Vinny is a member of the Synchronized Swimming Team. He first appears in Yes/No, welcoming Sam to the team, where he and Webber mention the various rules and protocol of the swim team. They tell him that his letterman name should be aquatic - themed. This is the only episode he has appeared in.


  • 'Vinny The Gill' is imprinted on his letterman jacket.

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