WMHS Synchronized Swimming Team
Debut: Yes/No
Head: Roz Washington
Institution: William McKinley High School
Status: Unknown

The William McKinley High School Synchronized Swimming Team is a sports club at McKinley coached by Roz Washington. It is first mentioned and introduced in Yes/No, the tenth episode of Season Three. Sam was a member of the team. They assist the New Directions for their performance of We Found Love, Will's proposal to Emma, in the same episode.


Season Three


The swim team makes their debut appearance in this episode. Sam wants a letterman jacket in order to impress Mercedes, therefore he joins this club in order to earn one. One swimmer mentions that each member also gets a letterman robe. Later in the episode, Sam comes up with the idea to use a synchronized swimming routine as a way for Will to propose to Emma.


Current Members

Former Members


  • The names on their letterman-jackets usually include words or puns related to "water."
  • Their swimming team is called the "Guppies."


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