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Dalton Academy Warblers






Glee club


(captain; former)
Blaine Anderson


Westerville, Ohio


Dalton Academy


1st Place (2010—2011)
Disqualified (2012)
2nd Place (2011—2012)


Dissolved into New Directions

First episode:

Never Been Kissed

Last episode:

The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester

The Dalton Academy Warblers are a glee club residing at Dalton Academy, an all-boys private school located in Westerville, Ohio.


The Warblers are first introduced when Kurt Hummel goes to Dalton Academy to spy on them. He is led to the senior commons by Blaine Anderson where they hold an impromptu performance of Teenage Dream. (Never Been Kissed)

Kurt don't cry for me argentina

Kurt auditions for a solo at a Warblers meeting.

Kurt tries to audition for a solo at a Warblers meeting, but is unsuccessful. The Warblers compete against New Directions and The Hipsters at Sectionals, where they tie for first with New Directions. (Special Education)

Blaine and the Warblers are rehearsing Bills, Bills, Bills for Regionals. (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)

Blaine enlist the Warblers help to serenade a cute guy who works at the Gap. They perform When I Get You Alone at the store, but it ends up getting him fired. The Warblers are last seen performing Silly Love Songs at Breadstix. (Silly Love Songs)

The Warblers perform Animal to their sister school, Crawford Country Day, in order to work on their sex appeal after a conversation between Kurt, Blaine, and Sue Sylvester. (Sexy)

The Warblers are rehearsing Misery. Later, after the mascot Pavorotti suddenly dies, the Warblers sing back-up for Kurt in Blackbird. At a Warbler meeting, Blaine proposes a duet between him and Kurt, which they all support. The Warblers compete at Regionals, but lose to New Directions. (Original Song)

Blaine and the Warblers say goodbye to Kurt by singing Somewhere Only We Know at McKinley. (Born This Way)

The Warblers are performing Uptown Girl when they are visited by Blaine, who invites them to see his performance of West Side Story. A new Warbler named Sebastian Smythe is introduced. (The First Time)

It is revealed by Sebastian that the Warblers have won their Sectionals. They are later seen in the audience, watching the New Directions perform at their Sectionals. (Hold on to Sixteen)

The New Directions learn that Sebastian has stolen their setlist idea for Regionals, and confront him and the Warblers in a parking garage where they sing Bad, which ends in Blaine getting injured. The Warblers are confronted several more times throughout the episode, which ends in mutual amends during a performance of Black or White. (Michael)

The Warblers dedicate their Regionals performance to David Karofsky and are seen cheering on their opponents. They came in second to the New Directions. (On My Way)

The Warblers steal the New Directions's National Championship trophy, under their new captain Hunter Clarington's orders, in an attempt to get Blaine to rejoin the Warblers. (Dynamic Duets)

The Warblers compete against the New Directions and The Rosedale Mennonites at Sectionals. (Thanksgiving)

Sue reveals that the Warblers have been named the winners at Sectionals. (Swan Song)

Sam and Blaine begin investigating the Warblers, suggesting that they cheated at Sectionals. They present evidence to Finn Hudson, believing that the Warblers have been using human growth hormones. They later get former Warbler Trent to confirm their suspicions. (Sadie Hawkins)

It's revealed on the news that the Warblers have been disqualified for illegal steroid use, allowing New Directions to move on to Regionals. (Naked)

The Warblers are approached by Blaine to help him propose to Kurt. They assist him in singing All You Need Is Love to Kurt. (Love, Love, Love)

Blaine has become the new coach of the Warblers after his break-up with Kurt and left New York. He brings Rachel to Dalton to sing Sing in hopes of cheering her up. (Loser Like Me)

Jane Hayward approaches Blaine and convinces him to let her audition to join the Warblers, much to the other members' dismay. The glee club then allows her to show her talent before making the decision. Jane blows the crowd away with Tightrope, but despite her breathtaking performance, the council voted against her, causing her to transfer to McKinley and join New Directions. (Homecoming)

Dalton Academy burns to the ground, and Blaine is extended an invitation from Kurt, Rachel, and Will to have the Warblers join the New Directions. They accept, but soon butt heads with Jane, Kitty, and Madison when they refuse to let go of their Warbler blazers. A compromise is reached by Blaine by creating Red Warbler Blazers as a symbol of both schools. The Warblers finally dissolve into New Directions as a unified club as they perform Rise in their new uniforms. (The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester)

Known members

Songs Performed

Competition Setlists

Sectionals, 2010
Regionals, 2011

Regionals, 2012

Sectionals, 2012


  • Jon Hall, one of the background Warblers, recorded more songs as a side project, including one with Dominic Barnes, who plays Trent.
  • The Warblers are the only glee club other than New Directions to have an album exclusively dedicated to them.
  • Members of the Warblers are almost never seen out of their uniform, even when not at school. The only exceptions are Blaine, Kurt, and Sebastian.
  • The Warblers are known for being an a cappella group, but have been aided with instruments in Blackbird, Somewhere Only We Know and Tightrope.
  • During Season Two, it was seen that, since the Warblers didn't have a director, a council was in charge of accepting new members and choosing songs for competitions. But, in the next three seasons, this council was no longer active and a captain had those responsibilities (Sebastian in the third and fifth seasons, and Hunter in the fourth season). However, the council was reinstated between Season Five and Season Six, as it is seen in Homecoming.
  • Jane Hayward is the only female to ever perform with the Warblers.


  • Uncredited Warblers
    • James David
    • Brock Baker
    • Matt Hall
    • Nelson Beato
    • Aaron Clemens Page
    • Cord Jackman
    • Luke Edgemon
    • Chris Mann
    • Jordan Chrzan
    • Scot London
    • JC Jones
    • Colin Benward
    • Jaymz Tuaileva
    • KC Monnie
    • Nick Baga


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