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Wedding Bell Blues
Album: Glee: The Music, The Complete Season Three
Released: January 17, 2012
By: Laura Nyro
Sung by: Emma Pillsbury with Shannon Beiste and Sue Sylvester
Place: The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion,WMHS Teacher's Lounge and Hallway, The Choir Room, and Will's Apartment
Episode: Yes/No

Wedding Bell Blues by Laura Nyro is featured in Yes/No, the tenth episode of Season Three. It is sung by Emma with Shannon and Sue singing back-up.

Emma sings this after hearing Shannon and Sue talk about Cooter. Emma then reveals to them what she thinks of marriage and Will and then begins to sing. When the song ends, she is standing in front of Will and other coworkers in the teacher's lounge and embarrasses herself and runs off.


Emma (Sue and Shannon):
I love you so,
I always will.
I look at you and see
The passion eyes of May.
(eyes of May)
Oh but am I ever gonna
See my wedding day?
(wedding day?)

I was on your side, Will
When you were losin'.
(when you were losin')
I'd never scheme or lie, Will,
There's been no foolin'.
(there's been no foolin')
But kisses and love won't carry me
Till you marry me, Will!

I love you so,
I always will,
And in your voice I hear
A choir of carousels.
Oh, but am I ever gonna
Hear my wedding bells?
(wedding bells?)

I was the one who came runnin'
When you were lonely.
(when you were lonely)
I haven't lived one day
Not loving you only.
(loving you only)
But kisses and love
Won't carry me
Till you marry me, Will!

I love you so,
I always will,
And though devotion rules my heart
I take no bows.
(take no bows)
Oh but Will you know
I wanna take those wedding vows.
(those wedding vows)

Come on Will (Come on Will)
Oh, come on Will! (Come on Will)

Marry me Will!
I got the wedding bell blues
Please marry me Will!
I got the wedding bell blues
The wedding bell blues
Yeah, yeah
Marry me Will!
I got the wedding bell blues...


  • The original name in the song is "Bill," but it was changed to "Will" for this song.
  • Sue and Shannon's hats resemble that worn by Beatrice and Eugenie at the royal wedding of William and Kate.
  • Second song out of three where Emma is dressed in a wedding dress. (I Could Have Danced All Night being the first and Getting Married Today being the third)


  • In the performance, Emma watches Will take lights off the Christmas tree as Christmas is over. But when Emma's parents are at Will's house, they observe a still, full-packed Christmas tree and wonder why it's still there.



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