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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Hair Color: Black
Birthday: 1993
Occupations: Student
Member of Dalton Academy Warblers
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown
Relationships: Unknown Girlfriend
Friends: David
Blaine Anderson
Kurt Hummel
Other Information
Clique: Dalton Academy Warblers
Education: Dalton Academy
Awards: 1st Place (tie) - 2010 Western Ohio Sectionals Championship
Series Information
First episode: Never Been Kissed
Last episode: Born This Way
Portrayer: Telly Leung

Wes is a former Dalton Academy student, first appeared in Never Been Kissed as a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers. He is one of Blaine Anderson's friends and along with him and David, catches Kurt Hummel "spying" on the glee club and the school. Kurt first thought that Wes was gay due to the stereotype of the school; however, Blaine states that Wes has a girlfriend. In Special Education, it is revealed that both he and David are two of three upperclassmen in the council that leads the Warblers, as they do not have a director. However, David continues on from Season Two to the later seasons, while Wes graduates in Season Two, implying that David is a few years below Wes.

He is portrayed by Telly Leung.


Season Two

Never Been Kissed

Wes and the Warblers gave their schoolmates a little performance, singing Teenage Dream at the Senior commons in Never Been Kissed. After the performance, he, Blaine, and David talk to Kurt over some lattes. Kurt was a little wary that they might beat him up for spying, but Wes assures him that they weren't going to beat him up. Kurt asked if they were all gay, to which the three laugh. Blaine reveals that although he was, Wes and David have girlfriends. Wes tells Kurt that in Dalton Academy, everyone gets treated the same, no matter what they are. "It's pretty simple," Wes added. When Kurt almost breaks down, Blaine asks the two to leave them for a while. Wes tells Kurt to take it easy, before leaving.

Special Education

Ep 9.1

The Council

It was revealed that Wes, David and Thad were the three upperclassmen that were the members of the council. Wes is the one in charge of the gavel. As they greet Kurt in becoming a new Warbler, they give him Pavarotti for Kurt to take care of. Wes adds that Pavarotti is part of an unbroken line of canaries which have been in Dalton since 1891, and that he should take care of it. Afterwards, Wes asks the Warblers about the song selection at Sectionals. Kurt gets excited and suggests something for their setlist. Wes, along with David, gently shoots down his ideas, saying that he appreciates Kurt's enthusiasm, which may come in handy when the time comes and he were to become one the Council members himself.

As the episode runs, the Warblers offer Kurt the chance to audition for solos. For the audition, Kurt sang Don't Cry for Me Argentina. Wes could be seen clapping by the end of the performance, along with the rest of the Warblers (Kurt didn't get in, though).

During Sectionals, the Wablers performed Hey, Soul Sister. When the results of the competition were being announced, Wes and the other Warblers waited nervously. It was a tie with New Directions, and being the Council, Wes, David and Thad received their prize on behalf of the team.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

He appears as the Warblers practice singing Bills, Bills, Bills.
Ep 12.1

Silly Love Songs

Wes hits his gavel twice and calls the emergency meeting to order. He then proceeds to give the floor to Blaine, who suggests they do a performance off campus. Wes hits his gavel again to signal order as some of the Warblers "freaked out." He tells Blaine that the Warblers haven't performed in an informal setting since 1927, after an accident involving seven Warblers who sang "Welcome to Ohio, Lucky Lindy." When Blaine told them that they were becoming privileged porcelain birds, an uproar followed. Wes hits his gavel and yells "Thad! David! I will have order," as he points his gavel out to some of the members. Thad had screamed, "You mock us, sir," while David could be seen to have stood up from his seat. After Kurt tries to convince for them to go on with the serenade thing, Wes asks where the performance would take place. Blaine tells them about the Warblers Gap Attack, and soon he asks the body "All those in favor?"
Ep 12.2
At the Gap, Blaine signals at Wes, and who cues the entire team to start, guiding them at the song's intro. Blaine's plans to make Jeremiah swoon over him with that number flops, however.

At the Lonely Hearts Dinner at Breadstix, as Kurt introduces himself, Wes and the other Warblers walk into stage. They perform Silly Love Songs. In the middle of the Warbler's performance, the students went down the stage and danced with the diners during the humming interlude part (Wes could be seen cuddling up to Santana.) During the end part of the song, the Warblers go back to the stage.


Ep 15
The Warblers performed Animal. As Blaine was introducing them to their sister school, Wes and the other Warblers could be seen on the side of the stage by the window in line with the rest of the Warblers. As soon as the music starts, they run up the stairs. By the last chorus the Warblers and Wes are dancing with the girls of Crawford Country whilst bubbles and beach balls filled the warehouse.

Original Song

The Warblers first sing "Misery." Wes and the Warblers are first seen in the corner of the room by the window studying. They then join Blaine in singing, standing up and going out of the room. After the bridge, Wes moves to the front and bangs on the table with Jeff among others. This was supposed to be the opening number for Regionals.
Ep 16.2 decided
In another scene, Wes hits his gavel once and silently listens while David and Thad argue about Blaine. He then listens intently as Blaine complains about the system and suggests they do a duet. When an almost uproar ensues, Blaine stands up and says "Point of order, point of order," to which Wes stares at him in disbelief. Then Blaine talks about Pavarotti, and Wes is seen staring into space, raising his eyebrows and agreeing. Wes softens up and says, "Alright, a vote. Who is in favor of Warbler Blaine's proposal for a duo lead at Regionals?" All hands raised, except for the Council members. When Kurt whispers to them to put his name on the audition list, Blaine says that he wants Kurt to be his duet partner. "All in favor of Kurt being my duet partner at Regionals?" Blaine calls. This time, ALL of the Warblers raised their hand. Wes slightly nods and smiles a little. "Decided," he says, then hits his gavel once to make it official. He then let out an even bigger smile and somewhat chuckles a little as Thad congratulates Kurt.
Ep 16.3
During Regionals, Kurt and Blaine sing "Candles" as the rest of the Warblers hum in the background. Then they sing "Raise Your Glass." When the champion at Regionals was announced (New Directions), Wes along with the rest of the Warblers, claps and offers them a small smile and a slight nod. Wes and everybody else then give a look of shock when Sue Sylvester punches the lights out of Carla Turlington-Stevens.

Born This Way

Wes and The Warblers sing Somewhere Only We Know to Kurt to give farewell. This is the last appearance of Wes on Glee.


Wes seems to be a loyal student of Dalton Academy, as he is seen stating random facts complete with dates about the school and the Warblers. Being an upperclassman and one of the members of the Council, he is somewhat seen as uptight, although he rarely argues with his fellow Warblers and keeps his cool (unlike David and Thad). It can be concluded that he is the Council Head, since the power of the gavel was bestowed upon him, and he sits in the center of the council desk. He is also the one in charge of officially opening and closing Warbler meetings, and seems to have the final word on decisions made by the team.

Wes follows a strict "Majority rules" principle. His role as a person of authority in the Warblers could be seen in some instances, where he is seen to be somebody in charge of the choir who marks time and signals the Warblers when and how to sing. Wes is clearly not a homophobe, one of his best friends being openly gay. He also seems to value Kurt's suggestions and talent, and seems overall to be a kind and caring individual, as well as one who can be trusted to make the right decisions and be granted a power status in a group of individuals.


We're not going to beat you up.

—Wes to Kurt, "Never Been Kissed"

In our oldest tradition for our newest Warbler... an actual warbler.

—Wes, "Special Education"

This bird is a member of an unbroken line of canaries who've been in Dalton since 1891. It's your job to take care of him, so he can live to carry on the Warbler legacy. Protect him. That bird is your voice.

—Wes to Kurt, "Special Education"

The Warblers haven't performed in an informal setting since 1927, when the Spirit of St. Louis overshot the tarmac and ploughed through seven Warblers during an impromptu rendition of "Welcome to Ohio, Lucky Lindy"

—Wes to Blaine, "Silly Love Songs"


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