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Where Is Love?
Released: Unreleased
By: Cast of Oliver!
Sung by: Hank Saunders and Sandy Ryerson
Place: The Choir Room
Episode: Pilot

Where Is Love? from Oliver! is featured in Pilot, the first episode of Season One. It is sung by Hank and Sandy.

During the performance, the Glee Club director Sandy inappropriately strokes Hank's stomach. Rachel watches from outside the choir room with anger because Hank had been given the solo that she believes she deserved. Rachel later reports to Principal Figgins and puts on an overdramatic scene, saying that Sandy was "caressing" Hank, which results in Sandy's termination and getting him banned from coming within a 50 feet of children.


Where is love? (Sandy: Is love)
Does it fall from skies above?

Hank and Sandy:
Is it underneath the willow trees
That I've been dreaming of?


  • This is the first song to be performed on Glee. By default, it is also first duet of the series, the first song to be performed by two males, the first song from a musical performed, and the first unreleased song of the series.
  • In The Power of Madonna, Rachel is seen looking over the sheet music to this song before Finn comes to talk to her at the piano.



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